One January Night

Written by: Carrie Richards

She can't blame the season for her tears
Aloneness was not loneliness in December
When the season passed so quickly in disguise
Of twinkling lights and toasts remembered

Alone, but never lonely in the unforgettable place
Of crowds, and smiles, and friendliness that has gone away
Now, in the utter dark, she cries without a face
And closes the curtains on another winter's day

Sheltering her candle, from where the draft still blows
The wind is not the only foe that makes demands
She feels the sting of tears that bloom and grow
Like the hot wax that is spattered upon her hand

Waiting many hours by the phone
No voice to warm, to keep away the cold
A meal to fix...for one alone...
A radio plays softly,...the melody is old

She can't blame the onions for her eyes, for she remembers
Other times when aloneness was not loneliness in December

For Paula's contest  "Tears"