Feral Times

Written by: Helen Forber

My first life was my best life,                              
I think I was a cat.                                                
The biggest in the jungle,                                     
The one who ran my pack.                                  

I’d sleep away the daylight,
And rise just after dark.
A predator a leader,
I’d always leave a mark.

My claws would rake the tree trunks,
I’d peel away the bark.
I’d stretch away my problems,
Then leave my back to arch.

I’d Powel the misty forest,
In search of all my prey.
They’d never see me coming,
Until it’s far too late.

My Coat was thick and hardy,
My markings were distinct.
My eyes were green and piercing,
My nose was tinted pink.

I used to love the thunder,
I ran when it would rain.
To clime the tallest tree top,
And sit and stake my claim.

I’d peer up at the moonlight,
And paw the tiny stars,
I always thought I’d reach them,
They always seemed too far.

The monkeys start to riot,
They notice I am here.
They start to throw their dinner,
As panic fosters fear.

I bellow out a warning,
To let them know I’m boss.
You don’t play games with tigers,
Unless expecting loss…