Plague of Memories

Written by: Helen Forber

Memory serves me well,
For it has over taken me.
What once contented bliss,
Turned to taunting mockery.

Gazing past my shoulder,
At history now long gone.
My memoirs just a keepsake,
As life goes on anon.

I think of lapse in judgment,
Of wrongs I wish to right.
But life can’t turn a corner,
And she carries on in spite.

Always at the forefront,
While i'm glancing back.
I see myself a child again,
The smile I've come to lack.

I ask myself a question,
Will I always have regrets?
If I was now this youngester,
Would I undertake the quest?

Could I change direction,
And take that other road.
Not knowing were it leads me,
And to face it all alone.

But time cannot unwind itself,
And let you pick a date.
You don’t get second chances,
You’re left to sit in wait… 

To wait for more decisions,
And choices left to take.
Life did not desert me,
But forgives me my mistakes.

If I am truly lost in doubt,
In memories of my youth.
In thinking they could change me.
Then it wouldn’t be the truth.

We all could do it better,
We all would like to try. 
It’s was never about perfection,
But the will to see it by.