My Soul and I found Heart

Written by: Helen Forber

Before we knew to find you,
I had a life well lived. But-
My soul and me were heartless,
We craved a touch or kiss.

We could travel through this broken world,
And marvel at its steps.
Beauty does not elude us,
We could live without regret.

And yet with all its splendor,
Its secrets and its depths.
Its utmost hidden treasure,
Lay deep within your chest.

When we came upon you,
When first we saw your face,
My soul and me delighted,
To find what we misplaced.

My heart which never mattered,
Which never had a role,
Which never lain inside me,
Now beat for you alone.

What once I saw as dull and grey,
You turned to pastel light.
You made me want to praise your name,
My soul bent down and tried.

We stayed their in our graceful bow,
To worship at your feet.
You freed me of my demons,
And set lose my age old grief.

You replaced the empty chasm, 
Were we sat in cold wrought chains.
You exchanged the old stiff metal, 
With one forged of silken reins. 

We followed in your foot steps,
With sure and steady strides,
No longer did we feel unsafe,
No longer did we cry.