Written by: maria gothard

Herald for the season white
Bright shining star of ages
In the ambiance with evergreen
Thousands of twinkling lights
Playing silhouettes in thoughts
And on top, star of David shines
filling the room with warmth.

Rustling about people glowing faces
Store windows beckoning on
Come in here feel its spirit about
Children laughing, eyes open wide
Sit on Santa's lap telling secrets
And the thing they really want
The goodies left below the chimney
Of good things they have done
Wondering does Santa know
I kicked the cat last night, oh no!

Ah look at the jolly man in red
Does he care for all these kids
They put their trust in him
Even if the thought might be
Is this Santa from north pole
Ah child of innocence
Think this way, glow on faces.

The ambiance of the season
Many days now have past
And in silence tree is gone
Twinkling of lights have died
And in old chest lies star of David
Next to angel with beat old harp
held in hands old and withered
As a tear slowly dispenses
On grooves of lined face.

Times, past times ambiance gone
Only the remembrance now strong
And heard almost now in reality
Children sitting on white bearded man
Yes this man in red
Loved the children innocence ambiance
For in them he lived life past
Remembering days of yesteryears
Day of laughing, roasting turkey's
Cakes and cookies, roasted chestnuts...