Written by: maria gothard

Beyond all that mankind sees
Far above the highest of galaxies
Is an existence of all knowledge
Mankind searches, failing search
For what is looked for, is within.

Ah go about your way,
Find life's searched for secret
And when found, than?
Better leave it to its source
All comes in its appointed times

Ah mankind you search high above
And still down no rest is found
What is the quest I wonder
you pollute the earth with works
What is the quest? I ask

Humanity sheep you are
Yet following in the steps of man
Where does it guide you to
Genocide, hunger, suppression
Guidance into what?

Ah life like in shackles your bound
And in its end, found is what?
Yet as I look about
And feel deep within, breath so take
Realizing breath, gift of life.

In silence now deep inward I feel
Breath of life, where did you start
And where does its journey end?
Inall of the peace I found within
Its in the breath where life begins.

No need to search for planets
No need to search the depths of seas
Journey's end, or beginnings starts
No need for the earthly riches, yet rich
Rich is the breath of life, it origin....