Written by: James Bourdeau

Cold, dark, empty sits the house today
Mourning the life of it’s yesterdays.
10 years this was a place that people called home, 
But today, never more. Now there’s stains in the carpets
And dirt on the floors. 

This place has become haunted Do you dare to explore? 
The bulbs are burnt and the walls are cracked.
Never again will life come back. Empty it sits undeservingly so.
But it has endured more than you’ll ever know.

10 years let’s go back before this place rot and sat.
Boy if these four walls good talk, they’d laugh, “how about that”. 
Maybe some day life will come back. Back to what it was, 
Before it’s attack. But people come and go and life moves on. 
And the house will just sit here with many memories upon.