Samurai Shadows

Written by: Richard Pickett

It was about 10 am when Brick finally made it to his office
he was just about to sit down when his phone rang
"23rd Homicide "  Brick  this is Bill  its about time you showed
I've been at work over an hour while you was sleeping
Must be nice to be a big shot and get to sleep in

Bill said I " you know what they say You hang with horses
you get saddle soars... Funny Brick very funny. ha ha ha 
Hey what say you and I grab some lunch today and go over 
this Samurai thing my treat, Hey now you Texans are pretty
well known for being tight with a buck but your on.

How about Louie's over on Tempest and 3rd I hear they make 
a mean BBQ meal over there and I'll bring what I got and we'll
pa-ruse through it. Pa-ruse where did you come up with a word like that your killing me. Well a man has to broadin his vocabulary
ya know, Brick stick with your Brooklyn accent will ya I'll see you at noon

OK Bill see you then,Oh by the way I don't think they have horse stalls
at Louie's so you may want to drive a squad It'll be easier for you
ha ha ha very funny, see you at noon. With that I gathered up as
much of the file as I had to take with me and headed out, I figured I 
would stop at a couple places before lunch and check some things out.

I was just pullin out of the garage when the call came in, 1-william 13
1 William 13 go ahead, Brick we have another stiff  under the Bywater bridge
sounds like our cutter is at it again, 1 William 13 Roger headin over now
Lieutenant " as soon as I got the call I called the station on the Radio and had
them patch me into the 31st and told Bill to meet me on scene now he gets first hand

to be cont.