Written by: daniel okafor


In awe my mouth is opened wide
my upper lip suspended restricting it kissing the lower lip
my tongue unable to position inside my vocal cavity
cos` the news i just heard
no more! the narrator said
never to see again

Oh! was it not....................................
just yesterday i set my eyes on her
gone to where? i asked the narrator
to the great beyond
why the tittle great?.......
a great one it took away from us
away from us took it a great one

We shall meet on that beautiful shore
in the sweet by and by
narrator when shall that be?
just a little time he said very soon
shall we know when we meet?
that i cannot tell with boldness
but we shall be on that day

My beloved one
hope you heard that
happy we shall be on that day
aha, life here might be hard
but life there we can`t say
so soon we shall meet again
aha, but not yet
i mean it beloved, not yet