Ode to the Bi-Polar

Written by: Betty Johnson

So what, I'm upset, deal with it!

If you can't, tough, get out of my face!

My reasons are none of your business!

You need to just give me my space!

Don't you dare tell me to, "just chill out"...

Or, "at least act like you're in a good mood"

Don't take it personally, I ain't mad at you 

And I'm NOT copping a bad attitude!

It's just sometimes my thoughts kinda darken

And I can't shake it off, wish I could.

So the only advise I can give you

Is get away from me, THAT would be good.

And then, when I start feeling better,

Don't act like you're all upset too!

Let it go, you do NOT make me feel bad!

You just make me feel like punching you!

Yes, I call you names and yell insults,

But when mad, I can't help how I act.

I'm so happy to tell you what I think of you

And I wont even bother with tact.

Being warned, if you still want to know me,

If you think you can handle the strain,

Then just don't say that I didn't warn you,  

And I do NOT want to hear you complain!