Beautiful Black

Written by: Joshua Williams

I love black / I am black / I"m blacker than Rodney King when he got his ass beat 
by the police/ i am blacker than Marcus Garvey when he preached about us 
brothers and sisters going back to Africa/Im blacker than Tommie Smith when he 
held up the black power fist at the Olympics/ Im black x's 2/ blacker than you, you, 
and you/  i am black 200% divided by 2 / I love being black / black is not a state of 
mind / Black is a state of being / I am black because my ancestors were 
kidnapped and sold from their homeland / I am not black because I listen to "hip-
hop". / I am black on both sides no INDIAN in my family / I am black and proud no 
frown on my face/ no trace of hate/ I was made to be black and i cherish it as a 
gift from God