Bitter Melody

Written by: donny ingraham

 Bleeding inside
waking every morning
 Still committed to the grind
too many are dependent upon me
two jobs
 Barely holding on
bills are forever in my face
collections call awaken violence
 Twelve hours a day
my faith crumbles
dripping away in sweat
 Afraid to be seen crying
holding so much inside
there is far too much baggage 
 This is by far so wrong
held down
laughed at
 Pretending to be strong
but hurting inside
keeping the truth a secret
 Everyday dying a little inside
life seems to pass me by
my words unspoken
 Feeling as in a storm
shelter is hard find
frustration becomes my tears
 My pain 
a bittersweet melody
played twelve hours a day
 Always wanting more
this too seems like nightmares
hoping to live through the moment