Poetry Contest on my Desk

Written by: peter Onyancha

Poetry Contest on my Desk ……..Peter Onyancha

Sometimes when I bleed on paper
The ink does not talk me well
And I lose the contest words
The words come; all at once
Me here! Me! No, me!
They scream for choice
They beg the ear 

Listen, the streaming screams
Daunt, open me, pen me!
Listen my sound; I even rhyme some time

No, me, another word –
I live like a metaphor; I come easy
Count me in, keen, out with it
I am the word.

Now I want to nab you, snap! 
To chastise the babysitter ego
I want an academy of anger

I think it, but the ink belies
I want to stitch – even that is not the word! 
I want to hide and write
But look behind me
The words are chasing 
Like little toons!