Written by: valeria iliadou

The sun is risen, another day is here like a movement.
Eyes are meeting with a glance.World's invisible smiles.
The day break of our youth, the distance to cover from our dreams.
We sow the seed of hope every night in the garden of spring,
spreading arms to life's mystery,embracing our reflection's energy,
we learn to accept this circle of fire and water,like a religious harmony.

Looking through the eyes of sky we seek the blue aura of harmony
and we have learned to trade world's patience with passion movement.
Holding our breaths we run to pass the finish line as we fumble our energy.
We win we lose,yet the light of the sun will bind our lips to smile.
Gates are opening and we hold the key to unlock the coming of the spring
from a past where whe made the choice of fates,of paths and dreams.

It is the life whe can't fulfill when we pause a dream
even if its fire burns us. The puzzle is formed with feelings of harmony.
The year's steps are closing to justify our winter,our summer,our spring.
Falling from a fall that made us greater to spread our inner movement.
Covering our arms with touches soft,grasping breaths from above,smiling
in front of limits that make us eager to believe in our soul's energy.

Conclusions with stars renewable sources,renewable energy
choices of freedom,as a divine fight a human gives for the idea of a pure dream.
Like heroes carrying guns of peace firing light of tears and smiles
sacrifices from our past to gain the land of harmony,
where grass is melting with the pleasure of a closer move
to reach the other side of a season's spilt,a resting spring.

We are waiting for answers to glorify our journey to spring
to reach ourselves,we offer our power and energy
and as we lay to our prayers storming our moves
we know that the clock is ticking to our side,time is dreaming
the purity of unexpected knocks on our door harmoniously,
balancing between our wrongs and rights with a smile.

Driving in lanes of gold as day begins to spread its smiles,
people's needs are covering our touch to bring back spring.
Holding from hands love lasts melting harmony
with force.The power of true in our veins energetic
antidote for the poison of suffer.We have now found the way to dream
raising our eyes to the sky,forming the revolution with a move.

The hug of a friend and the memory of a never fading smile.
The first smell of flowers blossom in the rain of the spring.
The distance phone call in the middle of the night that interrups our harmony.