Written by: charmane bellen

We are classmates since then
But friends don’t know if we have been,

I saw you first with hair shaped in butterfly
And all the girls became silly when you pass by
I’m not your fan; it doesn’t feel fine
You’re not the man, I wanted to be mine.

We’re classmates but we don’t know each other
We never talked or asked to bother
Our only conversation that my mind can track
When you asked about the lesson and I answered back.

You are the rainbow when I’m alone and sad
When you flash your smile, think I’ll go mad
Every time you sing my ears is all yours
Even if problems is approaching to pours.

You are the inspiration
The ‘cause of my imagination
I may not have the looks
But I have the heart and mind that hooks.

We’re classmates until now
You don’t know my feelings and how
I don’t dare to tell, I’m shy
You’re my inspiration, It’s enough to say hi.