This lust is like being hooked on drugs

Written by: Anton Brockenbrough

I disappointed God by living a life where I should have died
Many times often times I wanted to commit suicide
Because of the shame that wouldn't subside
Meeting people I didn't know
My affections I couldn't let go 
I could only imagine that it's like being on drugs
I Only really wanted was for somebody to show me love
Hooked on it like heroine
Loving that thing God hates and so does most of the world
Loving boys when it should have been girls
Sometimes Most of the world does what i did as well
But what do you do when your lust and your emotions
Are boiling over burning like coal
Or like a pot on the stove 
And when people throw verbal blows 
But don't you know that God will put a block on you
Cause He will keep them away and keep them at bay
I could have been destroyed and I should have been
Cause God will give you over to your sin 
Cause you don't know where I've been
Both emotionally and sexually 
My disruption was apart of my destiny

The way to your destiny is pain
Like child birth but dont sin against God keep God first
Lest you be worse yea I know it hurts
Don't let beauty of men and women devour you
Or overpower you 
love the inner you as well as the outer you