Bit of Bang

Written by: Izzy Gumbo

he came to the door
and twice
time split into four
and thrice
like the time before
his two eyes came
burning through
my floors

a force of choice
a shadowless voice
waves in visible
in dreams of chorus

”’s you…”

has a sSway of truth
and Sings
in a cool zoot suit

“it rained”

into loony tunes…
is a bag of sweet
my heart sang
to the tap of his feet
the Dragon sings
while i sway in sleep
a timeless song

it’s a game of pong
in a bubble
colored red all along

”...for the cherry…”

of a chance as before
to hear the rings

” the washing of tones
there is the One
who…............ Zings!...”

I know