Shades of Grey

Written by: T.L. Drover

The dull steel underside
of clouds otherwise fluffy and white
framed by the pale blue
of a late summer sky.
Looming, lurking, bleak
black clouds that gather
before a storm - the
colour of impending doom.
Soft muted silver of
early morning or dusk
when everything is calm, peaceful
as the world pauses.
The concrete of the buildings
imposing, stern, solemn
even when standing against
a bright, electric blue sky.
The choppy ocean of liquid iron
Wind blowing, wake churning - 
ominous, threatening
storm clouds of water.
Grey against grey,
so many shades
and not one without a
deep, melancholy grandeur.
A city of black and white?
Never, not  this city of rain.
Only every shade imaginable
of the colour grey.