Manequin Memories [Mannequin Series 2]

Written by: Rhia Madison Thomer

Frozen is her heart,
plastic is her skin,
blind are her eyes,
forever mannequin.

I once lived a fairytale
of castles and blue skies
everything was perfect.
Yet, perfection's destiny is to die.
I only wish to dream
and never have to wake
to never again feel;
become plastic or fake.
I didn't want to breathe
forgot love and forever
for they were only words,
that murdered me put together.
Death was my prayer
and I wonder if God heard
that heartbroken plea
of such a sad little girl.
I'd gladly be a puppet
and live as another said
follow that string's pull
neither be alive nor dead
I would love to be plastic
to never have to feel,
love or sorrow,
man's Achilles heel.
So it was everyday
some piece of me went plastic,
to others I seemed alive
somehow something realistic.
I became what I’d wanted,
plastic became my skin
frozen was my life;
I am a Mannequin.