Death Left

Written by: Aimee Garside

My lungs feel weighted down drowning in the salted tears,
Is this death finally grabbing a hold of me, it should not be a mystery. 
My throat is thick and clogged, as if his whole fist were reaching within,
Is this death ever going to finish, or is he just toying with me.
My heart is suffocating in its own seeping love,
Is this death finished yet because it still feels like a rotisserie?
My wrists are dripping with heartache and despair,
Is this death running to me because I have no more humanity? 
My body is in this cage of loneliness and sorrow,
Is this death’s final act intended to sacrifice me or leave me in my own misery?
I crave deaths wishes, because I would be given one more moment with him,
Is this death giving up on me, flying away to find his own destiny?
It all ended right then and there I was hollow and buried with only blackness to share.