Cerebral Symphony: Artistic Birth

Written by: Audonus Taylor

(Just Something I came up with in a moment of boredom while thinking of a weird dream of 

Bright light, Bright light,
Illuminated mystery,
Strangeness surrounds sound
Frightened, wailing from misery,
History, created present, my presence
is happy fear, sounds escalated,
Joy comes from my tears and their tears,
Elated, is the feeling of everyone related,

Infatuated, with the elation,
“A bundle of joy,”
Raised glasses to the future
 of a wondrous boy,
Hands clap and hands shake,
Lips kiss and lips smile,
“Best wishes to the parents,
Blessed be the little child,”

“Run wild, as you grow,
Blossom ripe and ride the wind,
Take forever by the hand,
Write it down and rise again and again,”
“Be a friend, of the words and sounds,
Stay inquisitive little one until the sound
is drowned, within the ground,”
“Write of noise and words joined, Hug
the night and hold the mourn,”
Joyous day! O' Joyous Day!
A Poet is Born!