Progression Pt2: A Brief Summary of Black History

Written by: Audonus Taylor

Revolution! Revolution!
Is the cry of the war
Civil conflict to combat
Fight for freedom once more,
Taking bullets for the north
We will overtake the south,
Gettysburg reaches hearts
by way of word of mouth,

Keep fighting, keep talking,
Lincoln makes a declaration,
Freedom is a document
Emancipation Proclamation,
Yell Glory Hallelujah
History is being made,
Yet illogical inequality
Is the heat within the shade,

Segregation is the word
Whitey yells it from the mountain,
No colored folks eat our food
Or drink from our water fountains,
Different schools, different places,
Different things for different races,
Last difference is
Humiliation on our faces

They whistle at a white woman
Beat them until its hard to stand,
Either the cops will get them first
Or we enforce the wrath of Klan,
Hang em high up in the trees
Cut the privates off the man,
Example after example,
That will make them understand,

Take us home, We want to roam,
Free within the mother land,
Marcus Garvey is the speaker
Back to Africa is the plan,
We want to go, We want to stay,
A mix of love and disagree,
What other way, what other way,
To fight this inequality?