A Hearts Confession

Written by: Aimee Garside

In my eyes you are perfect, my eyes may be clouded with love this is true but if this be the 
case let me live blind. 

For you are the sun that shines, the stars that twinkle and the flowers that thus are sweet.

You are the fire that’s chasing my heart, and the cage that’s keeping it in place.

We found each other this is true but from the moment I found you I found the truest love 
and the other half of me, which was, is and always will be you. 

I will love you in the days and nights ahead, you will be my everything, that I can declare to 

You are the purest of hearts and the strongest of minds so I give myself to you with the 
truest of true words that have ever leaked these lips.

I’m yours now and forever.