I am thankful and grateful

Written by: Dean Masciarelli

I am thankful and grateful

Written By Dean Masciarelli

November 24, 2010 (9:12am)

I am thankful and grateful
for everyone of my friends; 
and also for all of my
family members that I have;
because I feel truly blessed; 
by each and everyone of them;

Because they are far 
more important to me 

Then any kind of material 
possession that I have ever had;

Because they have taught
me about the all the things 
that can be treasured
in there own unique ways;

Through there actions 
and there kindness 

And also through there
and there dedication;

Because they have all taught 
what it feels like to be loved:

And that’s why I will always show; 
my appreciation; and my gratitude;

To my gracious Lord above;

For all the wonderful 
that I have received

Because I truly feel rewarded and 
blessed; in more 
ways then I have ever imagined.

Because they have exceeded all 
expectations that I have ever had