Dear Santa

Written by: Yolaine Armitage

Dear Santa,

I can dream of Christmas being with you, a Christmas of feeling blue. My holidays will be 
lonely without my new love that God has given me from above. I haven't asked for much but 
if you could do me a special favor? "Giddy-up", Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, to bring 
my love that's so far! If you do, I'll light up like a shining star! He's a wonderful man with a 
great heart, but we don't want to be away and ever be apart! With holidays arriving, no 
money to send or gifts to buy, how could a love so true, be one to have a Christmas without 
you! We've prayed so much, but Christmas is near and he's so special and so very dear! 
Leaving him will hurt the pain badly, too! I will never regret, Santa, so please send my love 
to me soon!

Best Wishes,