Tears of Parting, Tears of Joy

Written by: James Gibbons

The mandolin and guitar,
Singing to each other
Troubadour’s companions
To tell of intimacy and truth
Ringing, singing, clear, clean
Feelings of the solitary soul
That are revealed
Part here, part there, parting ways
Of  lovers clasp, tears of parting
Tears of joy
In quite serenity, 
That watches, nurtures
Dare to breathe songs of love, 
To be alive to all that’s here
The mandolin and the guitar
Those messengers of love
Played with an overflowing heart
The last caress on her cheek
Her dear parting cheek
Can we share again
Together one last song
For what is a bird
If it does not sing,
And what is a heart
If it does not love?