Written by: Peter Golden

Caught between what I want 
and what I can never be: 
an animal caged 
whilst dreaming of the Serengeti. 
A letter addressed, 
under-funded, undelivered, 
never to reach its destiny. 

As a child, naïve, blinkered. 
Life was simple, 
so easy to comprehend. 
Youthful arrogance 
my foremost friend 
that blew away 
in the gentlest of winds: 
a soulless character 
without the will to win. 

An un-tethered Leviathan 
with its superficial heart 
began to unleash 
its psychotic poisons within, 
a scourge, an obnoxious beast 
wishing me only harm. 
My life began to unravel, 
a darkness overwhelming; 
a journey without sight. 

My intellectual capacity 
to delve deeply into 
the complexities of my mind, 
the concepts that allowed me 
to rationalise, to grow, 
nearly destroyed me... 
a gift I so often despised. 

Today, I hardly recognise 
the person I used to be. 
My inner thoughts are my own, 
a mind able to function with clarity, 
no longer a collection 
of misshapen thoughts... 
My past, 
a welcome companion, 
together, we will discover 
our veracious destiny.