At First Sight (A.K.J)

Written by: Audonus Taylor

 She never heard this,
but sometimes, I remember
the first time I met her,
A 5th grade boy, seeing a girl,
who defied the laws of reality
with the abundance of beauty
that was given to her alone,
One that helped me know myself,

With one glance I was awakened,
an ignorant young suitor who knew
only that a fairy-tale was set in motion,
and that life now had purpose,
If only to hold this vision within me
to alter my perception of creation,
A vision of perfection that can only
be equated with sublime grace,

For if man could witness heaven
in a dream or in a premonition,
Then at best, man would know
nothing of what my eyes beheld,
For I, a boy who never believed in
perfection, was stunned by the
sight of it in definition, saying,
in that moment, " Dear god,
Why was I alive before now?"