Written by: Johnny Pyro

She heard the calling of the music
Listened to its fate, it found her, she found it
They are now bonds inseparable
Its laws are now in her reasoning
She understands and even knows how to interpret it
It dictates and she follows its pace
She listens and does not contemplate
She has learned to link its dynamic perfect unison with colors
The immeasurable days, weeks, months and years seemed indifferent
All she heard were the thoughts of the distance
Reminiscing home calling as its usual number
She proceeded and finally she is preceded 
With the inscriptions and thoughts of iridescence

The ROYGBIV’s of reason
And realized that they had always been awake from the beginning and through each season
Even if time had not fulfilled its calling

The gates of the imprisoned have be opened
And sights have started to follow

After their wars had deprived them with sweet sorrow 
While they were lost trying, battling between intertwining crimson companions 
And could not decipher right from wrong
After the journey of a thousand years across earth’s barricades
She found the 
                                                           swirling ~ twirling