Written by: Taiwo Emmanuel

Oh! The land is green
It bounteousness thus dissolves my spleen
When upon my chagrin 
Nature offers her shoulders for me to lean

Oh! The land is green
Each morning of greenness offers me a gleam
And the sun never ceases to radiate my dream
Oh my land is a crème de la crème

Oh! The land is green
When my neighbors cry of famine
Because harvest has been infested by vermin
I still smile at the produce of my famine
Indeed there is no cause for crying 
So, stop whining; keep smiling

Oh! The land is green
The cock crows to welcome me into daybreak
The stream, river, lagoon even the lake
in drought never at stake

Oh! The land is green
The harmattan does not rebel against summer
The rain not at loggerhead with the farmer
I will seek no asylum because my land is safer
And I do not live in constant fear of disaster
The land is green
The land is green
My land is green