Promising Heart

Written by: Yolaine Armitage

You've waited for a love so deep in my heart and soul.
I stay up at nights, to wait till' I can talk to you, more!
Loving you is a dream forever and a wish upon a star,
But your love is much more than, I can only love you, from afar!

I remember when we talked, and how you asked me to marry you.
For a minute, I've been thinking, is this for real too?
We've been friends for a year, with a romance of a true love,
Now you're my whole life, I'll marry you and become your wife!

Thank you, my darling, with all the love you've given me,
So, you'll soon be my husband, forever to be!
"I love you dearly", as I will wait and dream of you,
Until we meet, God will guide us to unite as one, soon!