Deep in Thought

Written by: Lisa Stojanovic

The crashing tide of this turbulent sea of emotion 
As Autumn turns to Winter 
And as snow falls 
So does my heart fall so much deeper. 
Never have i felt like this before 
And never have my thoughts been so complex 
Fighting the rivers that flow before me 
As my guides through life, 
As my guardians of Nature. 

The prevailing winds of this unforgiving land 
Tell their own tales 
And i am defeated by their strengths 
As they are by my weakness 
And as we stand upon this battleground 
My heart knows not of which path to take 
But it still wanders forwards 
Carrying Hope to find Destiny. 

The power of Mother Earth does move me 
And i am at her mercy if you will 
For this land on which i lie upon 
Holds many a secret unrevealed. 
Time does not wait 
As its hands move faster towards the end 
And i am certain of change if not my own 
And this heart is somewhat fulfilled 
As it is eager to face what lies in wait.