Their Voice Sep 9 2010

Written by: Priscilla Larson

Falling further into the darkness,
I am loosing all control.
The pain sets in and I can't breath,
they have taken over my soul.

Locked away from all reality,
surrounded by the shadows on the wall.
Spacing off, trying to figure it out,
I hear footsteps down the hall.

The footsteps suddenly stop at my door, 
and the shadows disappear.
A man walks in with a disturbing tone,
but their voices I can still hear.

With nowhere to run, I stand my ground,
come and get me if you dare.
A quiet little chuckle and a smile on my face,
just to show you I don't care.

There is nothing left to take from me,
I gave it all away.
Just turn around and close the door,
I have nothing left to say.