Together, always

Written by: linda smith

At first glance, I did notice,
a certain pupillary twinkle.
Were we untethered in this world,
I would query upon the digits,
in which you possess,
in order to scheme for a locale,
in which to converge.
It would take much to constrain
the intoxication within my soul,
just to reside in your presence.
Fascination upon my lids,
that burns into my retina,
to last and era.

Fate was our good fortune,
that in time placed us in unison,
one, with the other,
throughout life we do tread,
two lives amalgamated, in all ways.

If I lost you
I would cleave, in and out,
split assunder, a slow journey.
I would delve alone, and lonely
toward my tomb.
For, in your abscense
my leadened heart would become
heavy, sluggish, and cease to beat.
We would once again unite,
together , always.