Death Comes Swiftly

Written by: Felipe Vasquez

Look into these eyes, these eyes show no mercy
Like flesh ripping off my skin, I scream
I shout the names of those I do not know
Like darkness I shall spread through your dreams
For they will become nightmares
Of which there is no return…
How you will cry, but no tears will fall
For you have sinned, and shall be burnt
Like a thousand suns you shall feel my wrath
Blood dripping from your eyes, ears and nose
The wall thickens with every breath you take
The truth I now expose
You have smiled at death… looked into its eyes
Seen the fury within the depths of his soul!
To bring you pain and much suffering
Is his aim, his only goal!
The fear from which he feeds
Is buried deep inside your mind
Laying dormant, hidden from plain sight
But eventually it will find you!
Haunt you, and bury you alive
Rip the jaws apart, gouge your eyes
Peel your skin off, until you’ve bled plenty
Only leading to your demise
For the pain doesn’t end there
It’s only about to start….
The executioner waits down below…
Ready to tear you apart

When you scream, the angels will but only laugh
For you did not listen well
You mocked them, ignored them
Now in hell’s kitchen you dwell
Into a pit of which there is no return
No escape only much suffering to come
This world varies in torture
Of which none can be ran from!
You will bleed endlessly…
Suffer like never before….
Praying to God to take you out
But he listens no more!
The path you chose has lead you to fall
And now your consequences you must face
Now endless misery and regret
For denying God’s wondrous Grace!!!

Belize (Country)