I'm better off without you

Written by: Dana Oraibi

I’m sitting here dying
Unable to stop crying
All I’m doing is trying to figure out
Why you hurt me, when you knew I liked you, and I had no doubt

The pain you’ve caused me
It only teaches me to become stronger
But this pain will last forever and longer
I wish things were like before when all I wanted to doo
Is give anything just for a hug from you

I always wondered if we had a chance to be together
Would you pick me to be yours forever?
You show you like me, you show you care
But when I want to talk, I never find you there

Is this real?
Or are these lies?
I guess I can’t tell
Cause I can barley see your eyes.

So now my eyes are filled with tears
While coldness fills my heart
I felt this love was going to tear me apart
And here I am all this time, I was right.

But now boy, you will no longer treat me as a toy
I’m better off without you, and there’s nothing you can do.