Sweet Passion

Written by: Chuck Keys

Sweet Passion    
(This poem can be read from top to bottom and at the same time, side to side.)

days of grace                	  with form
moments in depth             	  nature in tune with time
greet her morning sunrise    	  evenings melt into mornings

days of love                 	  sweet candy
mothering and all          	  a passion of choice
embrace her totality         	  sweet sensual passion

days of strength             	  years to come
rule her life                	  ever there
protector of needy           	  lover of peace 

days of density              	  thick with soul
packed with goodness           a menu to consume
unstoppable power            	  too much to stop

days of beauty               	  natural
blissful with flowing        	  face of God
heart on her sleeve          	  hair of a Goddess 

days of tomorrows             	  forever tomorrows
brightly spoken              	  smiling with lust
intense expressed            	  side on inside	     wanting more

© Chuck Keys. All Rights Reserved 2010