Be There

Written by: Black Shadow

Are you confused,just like I am
Yes, I am confused,very.
Because life's been toying me into complicated figures
Has been absorbing oxygen and it's getting darker.
Haven't you seen my blue body?
or my blue nails?
No, then quit asking me what's wrong?
Because, I'm frustrated
Angry and disappointed.
Why it can't be last year all over again?
I'm finding a hard time to get used to this 
to the space growing larger between you and I.
I find you already living it.
I'm not mad at you.
I'm mad at life.
Changing our lives 
I got caught up to the old ones we had,
I miss and I am missing you
And Lately, I can't reach you
I can't talk to you
I hate this,baby.
Forgive me, If I'm strange.
I wish you understand when I can't explain.
I wish you listen when I can't talk.
Just be there,Because I am already there.