I'm Watching You

Written by: Diondra Johnson

at night i'm watching
you, but you don't know it
i see you when you least
expect it
i even know when you're
thinking about me
some people find 
that hard to believe
we have that connection
that no one knows about
even though we're far apart
i can still feel you're pain
i know you feel mine
we split apart 
physically but not mentally
that will never happen
never in a million years
we see diferent people
but deep down it's just
not the same as it used
to be
i thought i hated you but
love it's the complete
i see you for who you
are inside that's why i'm 
still in love with you
no one could ever replace you
i hope that's how you feel
for me
i'm curious to know though
does she make you happy
can she bring that smile
to your face that i could
always bring
i miss what we had
but i know it can never be
now that you're with
her will you ever think
of me