Think Postive

Written by: Louis Borgo

Think Postive
What one thing in live that you know that is postive? 
is Blood test, y-e-s? 
if this multiple choice on a test would, 
A Postive just be how i feel about school or
B be in a Pregants test unplan.
what choice be then? 

on biology you learn that O is a univerise donor.
But what in live can you be sure is Postive? 

I think the sky is blue for fact, im postive ill be here tommorw, Im postive about girl in my life, 

But wait 'young bro'
Do you know what STD's is, 
No bro what that? 

Thats some you dont what be postive about
Rap it up and think postive, 
and most important young bro ask your partner question.

just man to man let step it up, 
next level.
what is love....