This blood for you

Written by: sherilee nash

This Blood for You

This blood so dark it's barely red
It represents the tears I've shed
These tears I've cried
I've cried for you
These cuts I've made are for you too
But through these tears
And through this pain
The pain you caused
Puts it to shame
And now I'm here
And my heart beats faint
This blood so red
It looks like paint
These aren't the words I wish to say
I look above
It's to him I pray
It's to him I pray that you were here
To push aside this awesome fear
So what comes next?
Is it dark? 
Is it light?
For I am marked.
These tracks of blood
They mark my wrists
They mark my heart
As I clench my fists
So as I take my last breath
To you my thoughts
They have fled
Did you love me
Did you care?
Coz it's with you, my blood, I share.