Cain's Son

Written by: Anthony Nutter

A.W. Nutter

Trespassing through my domain
Your excursion has become a habit
Sampling your fruit I must abstain
My lustful cravings I try to inhibit

Gliding across the forest floor
Your fragrance filling my senses
Beautiful in your jogging decor
Testing my self imposed defenses

Vows of abstinence I'll rescind
From your virginity I will imbibe
Out of sight, slightly downwind
As I travel stealthily by your side

Wallowing in my lust induced state
The sons of Adam I failed to notice
Resurgence of a long forgotten hate 
As I head toward the muffled voices

The men turn, as I begin speaking
Of death and devouring their hearts
Of  my demons who are gathering
To collect their souls as they depart

I am Cain, destroyer of Abel
Your lives are required this day
The mens courage quickly fail
Their bodies return to potters clay

I gaze upon the daughter of Eve
Realizing she's a direct descendant
The chosen one who will conceive
The destroyer of the covenant 

Pushing down my raging desire
I force my betrothed to dress
She has an unquenchable fire
To feel this demons caress

For now she must be satisfied
In sharing her morning run
With a lover whose life is edified
When she gives birth to his son