St. Peter's Halloween Party

Written by: Francine Roberts

St. Peter told the devil
It was not appropriate guise,
Perhaps he should dress like the others,
In costumes of men who were wise.

The wise men nodded and smirked
To hear St. Peter give him grief.
That devil was obviously a jerk
Or so they'd come to believe.

"I'm just here for the party,"
They heard the devil say.
"This costume will have to do,
It's so late in the day."

All throughout the party
They would hear the occasional shriek
As the pointy end of the devil's tail
Under skirts did peek.

After several complaints to the host,
St. Peter decided to ask
"Does anyone know who's in that devil gear,
This party will be his last."

No one seemed to know him
But at the unveiling at end of night
The devil was not among them.
He'd disappeared from sight.

All that were on the guest list
Had been accounted for.
It seems someone had crashed the party
And snuck in through the door.

for Tony Brooks Halloween Hustle contest