This Soldiers Life

Written by: Joshua Harris

This Soldiers Life

The sound of chaos wakes me from my much needed sleep,
I can hear the bombs exploding and feel the vibrations.

Rushing to get my gear through bloodshot eyes
I find myself alone and searching for my companions.

I walk outside with my gear weighing me down
I see destruction all around me as I hear the cries of women and children.

Still confused I make my way through the rubble and random fires,
I see my team running and my commander yelling orders.

Making my way to see what my orders will be isn’t easy
I lower to a crawl as I hear guns firing from every direction.

Before I can get to my unit I feel a burning pain in my stomach.
I lay there in the anarchy with smoke filling my lungs.

I can see a thick fluid coming from my stomach as I still struggle to grasp what has happened,
Then it hits me, I am a soldier and this is my life.