Break me

Written by: Eric Morthan

I was confused
I was broken
What you told me
Made me fallen

I am shattered
I am battered
I am the victim in this again
I have lost in my world

You don't know
You don't feel it
But deep inside here
I am broken to bits

I thought you understand
I know you did
But why must you turned away
And say nothing to me

I saw your face
I saw you there
I want to say hi
But are you aware?

I am here
I am broken
so Break me
Break me now

I am here 
I am falling
so Crush me
Crush me now

I am here
I am crying
so Push me
Push me down

And I can't believe it was me who was the one
I became the dead, and you rose frm the dark
Can't you feel the hollow emotions in my heart
I am shouting, dying, crying, praying

I thought you knew
I thought you understood me
But after all this time,
I was the one who deserved Nothing