That is where you find me ....

Written by: sarah hales

The wisdom of knowing a devil lies inside 
Just waiting to discover what lays ahead
Who lay upons your bed dressed in red
Black lace a powted smile dont deny whats deep inside
Temptation follows your hand 
Smile of innocences is unknown fantasy
You kiss and twist a follower of man 
Taste of passion let it be free
Call my name as you reach for me
The touches of your finger tips 
The sweet senses of indulging lust
Your roma covers mine like fire to the moth
Gasps against my neck the softest of whisper
Music played a tune in beat with our pulses
Bodies are weak for such intense pull
Await that has been waited 
Time that has taken a life time to reach
Searching of two has been searched
In mind I run too you In body I am a fire
A soul that now holds another soul 
In spirit I intwine with all I am 
In life I am now found
Turn to me and stare within 
See how your want wants me 
Feel my heart from inside 
That is where you find me