who's old?

Written by: SYLVIA Coulstock

Okay we've all cracked the funnies Joked about what's gone and what's still there. How everything sags or wilts Doesn' t work or is in a state of disrepair. How we're crumbling or fumbling. Who's deaf? you're mumbling. How we're gummy or losing our hair- So what ! Inside we're young and attractive still very active, Lively, energetic though bent and arthritic- So what ! Inside we're lustful and exciting,warm and inviting, Charming, alluring though wrinkles are occuring- So what ! Inside we're strong and dependable not expendable Though memory's not reliable and body not so pliable- So what ! Inside we're funny and witty don't need anyone's pity, Treat life playfully and are growing old ' disgracefully ' And yes WE'RE ENTITLED, so why should we care Because inside we're the person we always were.... Old who's old? Age is only going on out there