Written by: Black Shadow

Am I losing my mind,
Tell me if you sure.
Because If you witnessed
What I've been doing,
thinking and saying
You would say so,
But if you witnessed,
What I've been through
you would, definitely understand,
It's all been suppressed into my chest
made me lose breath in the middle of the way,
I got to live, I got to live
So, I let it all out
Because it got out of control,
Now, I'm trying to let it back in
But, it's too late now.
I lay on the ground
in the dark silence space,
I slowly catch my breath
As I'm trying to hold myself,
I cry myself out for few,
But later, I stare
That's how it ends.
I watch how gently pain crushes me,
My body is blue, inside out.
Too many happened,
I was in shock at the time,
Now, I'm acting on it.
Will you watch carefully 
How my mind slowly dissolves,
Or will you going to get me out of this state.
Pull me in, strongly into the cold shower
As I feel the rush of the frozen water
over my head, I take a deep breath
 you grab me out, screaming the words
"you're stronger,you're stronger than this"
Am I weak, or been strong for too long ?
If you witnessed what I've been through,
Yet, I like to think that after a hard fall
It might all form a stronger me.