Written by: Lemonia Sims


There is only one person in your entire life that will ever love
you unconditonally and that person is Jesus Christ. You only live once, but you have all the 
chances in the world to love everybody in your life. Love is a very simple emotion. At the 
same time its hard to deal with in relaionships. When people love themselves they have a 
increased confidence that can help themselves feel happy about themselves. The love and 
confidence that i have for myself grows and my ability to enjoy life has increased. If you 
have a hard time loving yourself try to be positive, i know that is very hard to do and i have 
overcame that through the grace of God. If you think and feel that it will be to complicated 
for you just think about this, What Lies Behind Us, And What Lies Before Us Are Tiny Matters 
Compared To What Lies Within Us. As far as loving yourself if your are willing and ready to 
work on that issue, you have to come to a point where you realize your work is to discover 
work, and then with all your heart to give yourself to it. Acknowledge to yourself that the 
right work is the work that u do the work that you do when you are using your gifts and 
unique abilities, in a way that makes you glow with a sense of joy and meaning. God gives 
each of us special talents and gifts and loving ourselves and each other is all we have within 
our heart, mind, and soul, so it is your privilege and duty to make the most of them. On 
another note some people who are in present and past relationships including myself have 
had to come to grips with relationships that was not working, and trying to fulfill deep inner 
needs through people pleasing. I know through years of experience that the answer is to fill 
spaces of your heart with God instead of people. I have a question for people who know they 
are in unhealthy relationships ponder this; how can you ever love yourself for who you are if 
you become someone else to be with someone. Children, young adults, and everyone 
reading this be who God created you to be don't let anybody change what God intended you 
to be, or what he intended you to do.

                                                 The End

                                           BY:  Lemonia Sims