Is this the season

Written by: Louis Borgo

The lost soul of avatar wings , rain of fame,
clouds as of quick sands is in sight slight might,
it will be landing,

Im feeling Fab 5 Freddy ,
but  with rice in hand, 
insteady it's like a
wind to a wind mills,
consider you lucky,
if the sky is skie on time,
tell time to listen to sky,
and just scream!!!

I think i lost my appettie,
so feed me the sky,
hang flight high,
meet the jordan and it aint game time.

sO FLY HIGH and ask 
WHAT the advertisement!

and wick and give a high five because it happen so quick!!!

SO MEET THE RULEs to the new crew
CALL S-N-I-C-K-E-R-S!!!!
And this here,
Is The Franchise Boyz,
Game time!!!

You Know!!!

Who can be compare this man legend?